Solar Batteries

Batteries are the heart of all Remote Area Power Supplies & Hybrid Solar Systems.
They store the solar energy collected during the day so it can be used at night or on cloudy days.
We distribute 
a range of Specialised Solar Batteries from small 6v batteries up to large
2v cells both vented and sealed.

Shoto is a green solution provider and is one of the largest battery manufacturer's in China. Shoto's products include AGM Batteries, Gel batteries, Flooded Batteries, Spiral Batteries which are all designed for solar and wind systems.
East Power Battery Limited is a modern enterprise that is dedicated to the high-quality lead acid battery design, manufacture, sales, logistics and service.
Trojan - Reputation Built on Quality, Leadership and Innovation Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries.
Raylite batteries established in 1931, first national battery is a leading manufacturer of lead acid batteries in South Africa.
Discover EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability.
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