PS2 Solar Pumping Systems

The Complete Efficient Solar Water Pumping System

PS2 is the latest generation of high efficiency solar water pumping systems. It is an integrated solar water pumping system for small to medium sized applications. Whether your need is to reduce operational costs, improve water security, or be more sustainable, PS2 provides the right solution.

PS2 covers a wide power range from 150W to 4kW with a wide range of pumps for submersible, surface or swimming pool applications.

Lorentz PS2 Solar Water Pump System
Lorentz PS2 Solar Water Pump System Layout
No infrastructure to install
Using solar power means that you can install a pumping system almost anywhere, irrespective of power infrastructure availability and the associated costs. PS2 is designed for the harshest off-grid environments.
Low operational costs
Operational cost savings are achieved as the system requires no fossil fuels, can be fully remotely managed and is designed to have a long working life. The result is very low, or no operating costs.
Low cost of water
PS2 uses brushless and sensorless DC motors for maximum efficiency, this results in significantly more water being pumped with the available power. This efficiency results in a lower unit cost of water pumped.
Lowest project risk
As PS2 is designed to be a complete system, it has all of the needed software and hardware for your water project. The result is that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and without technical risk.
Designed for Solar Water Pumping
PS2 has been designed from the first white board sketches to be a solar pumping system. The system has been designed and built by an engineering team who only focus on solar water pumping. This experience means they design, test and build systems where operation in the harshest, most remote environments is normal.

PS2 is designed to be field serviceable, the pump unit components and electronics are modular to allow for cost effective and fast replacement.
Ultimate Efficiency
All PS2 systems use a unique DC brushless and sensorless motor named ECDRIVE. This motor is a perfect match for solar applications as it has a very high efficiency across its whole operating range. This is very different to a small AC motor where maximum efficiency is only achieved in a narrow operating band.

Solar power is always changing through the day and depending on weather conditions. The LORENTZ ECDRIVE and PS2 have an average daily efficiency of above 90 %, most of our competitors achieve 65 % with clear blue skies and much less when there is cloud cover.
The Complete Solution
PS2 is designed to be a complete solar water pumping system comprising of a specialized pump controller and carefully matched pumps. PS2 has eight sensor inputs that allow analogue and digital sensors to be connected. This combination of sensors with the powerful inbuilt software applications allows for full pump control and water specific applications.

The system also has an inbuilt Sun Sensor which measures the available irradiation and then makes decisions of what to do based on the available power. The SunSensor also avoids unnecessary stop start cycles which increase pump wear.
The system is configured on site using PumpScanner, an Android™ based App that the installer uses. Common configuration is done with three clicks and there is full access to configure system behavior based on additional sensor inputs.

The PS2 constantly records operational data and provides access to rich information for both customers and technicians.

The PS2 can also be connected to our pumpMANAGER managed service. This is a simple, cloud delivered, pay monthly service that takes away the complexity of remote monitoring and management. One low fee means that you can see exactly what the system is doing, make changes to settings and receive alerts irrespective of location.
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