Solar Energy Power Storage

Solar Energy Power Storage @ Home

Energy Independence Is Just One Install Away

Sonnenschein@home lithium batteries will enable you to effectively manage the energy of your home. You can choose to use the power you have harnessed immediately, or store it for use for when you need it most. The high-end advanced energy storage system can integrate with your current set-up or, for a new system install simply ask for a custom-designed plan from our specialists.

Power to your property. Full Output of 6.8 kWh per module. Stackable to 12 modules giving you full output of 81 kWh stored energy.

Never run out of energy again, life independently and sustainably. You can even manage what time to sell excess stored electricity back to the grid.

Add more as you need more. Modular installation allows for future proofing. Suitable for businesses too.

Your @home lithium battery installation can start off small if you want, we can easily install more batteries as your needs change. Scaleable up to 12 modules

Respected, high-quality German manufacturer, 3 years battery warranty.

Save money for years to come. Sonnenschein batteries have a lifetime of up to 20 years and a full 3 years manufacturers' warranty.

Fully compatible with your existing Grid-tie solar power installation

We Install batteries and a Selectronic inverter into your existing setup, you save money using your produced energy or store and sell to the power companies.

Custom designed solar-powered systems to suit your environment and your needs.

We design fully integrated hybrid or off-grid solar powered systems (Incl. solar panels, Batteries and Selectronic inverters) because no two properties are the same.

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Renewable Energy provides independance,
cost savings and sustainability.

Main Product Features

Our highly innovative solar power energy storage solutions are designed to help users gain independence from the ever-rising power prices and become truly self-supportive when it comes to electricity supply.  Store, use or sell your generated power as you see fit. Main features are listed below:

  • Ideal for residential, commercial & industrial energy storage Ideal for residential, commercial & industrial energy storage
  • Plug & Play Plug & Play
  • Maintenance free Maintenance free
  • No gas emission No gas emission
  • Perfect functionality with approved inverters Perfect functionality with approved inverters - Selectronic (SPMC482, SPMC481 and SPMC480)
  • Fast charging possible - shorter charging time Fast charging possible - shorter charging time
  • Compact designCompact design
  • High cycle life - 5,000 cycles at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) High cycle life - 5,000 cycles at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
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