Winaico Solar Panels NZ

WINAICO says that it is set apart from other panel manufacturers in primarily two ways: The quality of the components used in its products, and the strict quality controls in assembly that ensure the end-product are manufactured and distributed to the highest standards.

The company prides itself in the selection of its partners. All components that make up WINAICO solar panels are manufactured by industry leaders in their own fields, components are extensively tested and proven to last. Quality control and strict component selection process strongly contribute to WINAICO’s overall product and performance consistency.

WINAICO Solar Panels NZ is the solar brand of Taiwanese Win Win Precision Technology, which has its origins in the semiconductor industry, and the knowledge and experience to understand what is involved in manufacturing high-grade silicon products. The silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells within the modules themselves are highly pure and each is individually flash and electroluminescence tested for faults and weaknesses to guarantee high yield over the lifetime of the system 25+ years.

The quality of components is monitored and managed at every stage of the production process – from incoming quality control through the complete production sequence to a 100% visual, micro-optical, mechanical, and electrical final inspection. With this rigorous oversight of all aspects of the production process, WINAICO is confident that it delivers a ‘perfectly assembled photovoltaic installation made with the best components available on the market.’

WINIACO’s quality control does not stop at the factory door. With a focus on end customers, the company established offices and warehouses in Australia over 5 years ago to ensure that their product gets to the end customer in perfect condition. WINAICO’s Managing Director Blair Pester personally selects its Authorised Installers carefully to ensure that every customer receives quality service, and prides himself in knowing every partner who has purchased a WINAICO Module.

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Blair has appointed Able Solar Ltd in New Zealand as their latest partner to distribute the quality line of WINAICO Modules to the New Zealand market. With Able Solar's 37 year history in the renewable energy market, it makes them perfect partners to support and supply the WINAICO range of products.
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