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Water Requirements and Well Information
Daily Water requirements per day (Ltrs)
Seasonal Variations in water requirements
Static Head (Mtrs)
Motor Cable Length (Mtrs)
Pipe length (Mtrs)
Float switch or Pressure sensor required
Lift rope required (Mtrs)
Submersible Well pump / Surface Mount pump

Total Dynamic Head (TDH):
Static head plus friction losses.

Static head: Vertical height from the dynamic water level to the highest point of delivery.

Friction losses: Pressure losses in the pipeline as height of a water column with the equivalent pressure. Proportional to the length, diameter, surface of the pipe and the square of the flow rate.

Pump unit: Pump end and motor.

Motor cable length: Cable length from the pump unit to the controller.

PV cable length: Cable length from the controller to the PV generator

Pipe length: Complete pipe length from the pump unit to the point of delivery

Tilt angle: Angle between the PV generator pane and the horizontal pane.
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