Shoto Spiral VRLA Battery

Shoto Spiral VRLA Battery
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Super Power Battery
Pure Lead Spiral VRLA Battery (SPB Series) is a new type of lead acid battery.
SPB utilises pure lead grid and special spiral structure with very high assembly pressure and open valve pressure, which reduces water loss to a great extent.
Compared with normal lead acid battery, SPB has many merits, such as excellent high and low temperature discharge capability, high current discharge capability, safe, fast charge acceptability.

  • The unique Spiral cell design offers the most advanced technology and provides a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's filled lead-acid batteries.
  • These advanced-design batteries use ultra-thin high purity lead plates. This design gives you some of the lowest internal resistance batteries available
  •  Absorbed Glass Mat technology gives you a completely sealed battery that cannot leak, can be mounted anywhere, in any position. 
  •  With SHOTO SPB under your hood, you can count on a longer lasting battery life under starting and deep-cycle applications

6 SPB 50 12v 55ah 850CCA PDF Brochure
6 SPB 75 12v 75ah 1050CCA PDF Brochure 

6 SPB 50B Starting Battery 12v 55ah 850CCA PDF Brochure

6 SPB 75 Starting Battery 12v 75ah 1050CCA PDF Brochure 

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