Solar Panel Array Frame

We offer a quality range of framing options from roof mount, ground mount and pole mounting options.
Our Mounting Frames are Aluminium and are anodised to make sure your panels remain neatly and safely secured.
The framing system lifts the panels clear above the roof so that debris does not build up under the mounting rail and so air can circulate and reduce heat,
as heat reduces the performance and output of your solar system.
This is a good reason to build a Ground mount array frame if possible, this allows maximum air flow and ease of cleaning.
How often will you get up on the roof to clean your panels ??

Ground mount Roof Mount Pole Mount
Ground Mounting solar panels allows for ease of installation of large numbers of solar panels with excellent ventilation for maximum performance, ease of cleaning and expansion.
Hopergy’s Universal Roof Mounting solutions is ideal for installations on pitched, tin and tiled roofs inclined anywhere between 10° and 60°.
Pole Mount Systems are the perfect solution when maximum flexibility is required in the installation for uneven ground or small arrays for water pumping.
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