Selectronic Solar Hybrid

Selectronic Solar Hybrid
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Solar Hybrid: On Grid Inverters with Battery Backup

The versatile grid feed SP Pro inverter offers the ability to store energy in and use energy from a battery storage system.
Whether you wish to install a new solar hybrid system or update your existing renewable energy system to Solar Hybrid, the SP PRO provides the solution.

Being compatible with most forms of renewable energy including DC and AC coupled PV Solar, micro hydro and wind, the SP PRO can be incorporated into virtually any grid tie system.

Exporting unused solar to the grid is efficient and appears at first glance to be cost effective, but in many circumstances you may be paid very little if anything for the solar you export. Once the sun has gone down you will pay full price to buy back the electricity you gave away earlier, it hardly seems fair does it? you can choose to export to the grid or store this excess solar in a battery bank (or myGrid system). Any modern battery types can be used including the latest Lithium Ion battery. Once the sun goes down you can commence using your stored solar and when batteries are depleted the grid will recommence. Simple, automatic and undetectable. You can choose to recharge your batteries with overnight cheap electricity or with solar the next day and choose how much you wish to use the battery storage. Use the grid as little or as much as you wish, its your choice.

Reliability of grid electricity is affected by many factors such as natural disasters that can have devastating effects. Our Solar Hybrid solution solves this issue by powering on through grid outages. Your solar will continue to be used by the loads and any excess sent to the batteries for later use.

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