Raylite Solar Batteries

Raylite Solar Batteries
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Positive Plate: The tubular plate construction incorporates lead alloy spines in complete contact with active material, which is retained by an outer gauntlet. This enables the electrolyte to penetrate freely, ensuring a high power output per unit volume.
Top Up Level Indicator:Two ribs on the separator guard serve both as level indicators, and to strengthen the guard.
Negative Plate:The negative plate is of a highly porous paste on a lead alloy grid. This complements the positive plate construction, providing a balanced performance and superior life.
Separators:are manufactured from micro porous polyethylene and have a generous overlap to reduce the risk of short circuit. They are impervious to acid attack.
Mud Trap: Prevents possible shorting between plates due to active material shedding during the life of the cell.
Container and LidThe lid is heat-sealed to the container ensuring an excellent bond. This is vital to mechanical strength and safety. Injection moulded connector head The bolt-on connector facilitates easy cell replacement. Acid resistant, totally enclosed terminal post, maximum safety. Orifice for voltage readings.

Perfect Seal® A polypropylene pressure bushing seated on a rubber " O” ring, locked in place by a poly carbonate ring. The cell lid is welded to the container, and polypropylene is injection moulded into the post to lid cavity. This design eliminates acid leaks through the post assembly.

Threaded Brass InsertMaximizes terminal connector conductivity. Quality and Safety.

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